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The history

Barbicide was invented in 1947 by Maurice King in New York and should revolutionize the hygiene habits in hair salons worldwide. Until then hairdressers would clean combs often only with a cloth or even wipe them off on their pants.

With Barbicide appeared suddenly on the barber tables an elegant jar made ​​of glass and stainless steel, from which shone a striking blue liquid. Instead of on the table or in a breast pocket barbers now kept their combs and scissors after each customer for a couple minutes on in the Barbicide jar. After each customer the tool came in the blue liquid. Bacteria and fungi on the surface of the combs and scissors were killed. And for every new customer the tools were ready and freshly disinfected when taken from the Barbicide container.

The effect

The blue Barbicide solution disinfected combs, scissors and manicure instruments. Barbicide was therefore already in the 1950s the hallmark of professional hygiene and cleanliness in US barbershops. Quickly the customers therefore demanded, that only a comb freshly taken of the Barbicide jar was allowed to touch their head. No wonder, since Barbicide removes not only germs, and fungi on the combs and scissors, but even kills even the HIV -1 virus ( AIDS virus ), hepatitis B and hepatitis C.


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